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My name is Mia J Kacen the founder of Pacific5Plus.

We Engage, Inspire and Empower for Unity and Health. 

So here is how we work together.



Upon receiving the gracious invitation from your esteemed Government of Health, a profound opportunity unfolds as I unveil our collective Strategic Model for NCD Prevention and Control, a powerful framework designed to safeguard against the perils that stem from the intricacies of diabetes and heart disease.

Together, let us embark on a transformative journey, empowering your nation to effect meaningful change, under the noble banner of humanitarian aid.


No child should live without their parents because of premature mortality  of lifestyle diseases that ARE PREVENTABLE!!

In the realm of preventable diseases, it is an undeniable truth that no individual, irrespective of gender, should endure the tragic loss of their feet.

Let us unite our efforts, forging an indomitable alliance, as my dedicated team and I stand ready to lend our expertise in crafting, orchestrating, and nurturing strategic partnerships, essential in developing a comprehensive model for NCD prevention.

Drawing inspiration from our successful implementations across various Pacific nations, we remain steadfast in our commitment to effect transformative change. For it is through the transformation of even a single life that we can proudly declare the profound impact of reshaping an entire world.


Depending on where you live in the Pacific, will determine where we publish on social media live exercise sessions that are safe to perform in the comfort of your own home without any equipment, just you and me or with our Pacific5PLUS Champions that are leading face to face fun sessions for you to be part of!

Within the vast expanse of our existence, our physical vessel reigns supreme as the most extraordinary instrument we possess.

Let us embark upon a journey of enlightenment, unveiling the art of harnessing our bodies with utmost care, fortifying both our physical and mental well-being, shielding ourselves from the clutches of debilitating illnesses and lifestyle diseases, including the insidious trio of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

United, we shall triumph over the formidable adversaries known as NCDs—non-communicable diseases—those silent assailants that stealthily sow the seeds of affliction, culminating in the tragic loss of limbs and untimely demise.

Gazing upon this predicament, I have devoted the very essence of my being to guide individuals towards a path of improved health, unfettered joy, enhanced vitality, and resolute strength—a journey that we embark upon hand-in-hand.

So, dear friends, let us embark upon this magnificent odyssey of movement, aligning our spirits with a harmonious rhythm.

By embracing this transformative movement, we shall emerge as healthier versions of ourselves, harmoniously keeping pace with our beloved families and the ever-evolving realm of physical fitness.

Remember our body is the greatest instrument we shall ever own. If we change one life, we change their world.

One Step at a time.

Mia J Kacen


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For Each Countries personalised involvement please see below




Thank you to the Ministry of health and the Port Villa Hospital for continuing with 5@5 to support the staff with a corporate time of 5 minutes at 5pm


Thank you to Fiji Airways for participating.

We shall continue to implement a strategic plan to combat NCD’s in Fiji, thank you to the Fijian President for a delicious tea and listening to my initiative for a few minutes.

American Samoa

Thank you to Dr Motusa Head of Our Health Department, Thank you to the US Airforce for connecting us to our new family OlaMalosi, Credit to the incredible Chief Medica Officers and incredible team at LBJ, an incredible amount of gratitude for Marvin and Chad, our Corporate Sponsor COSTULESS!




Solomon Islands – Translated

Thank you to the Solomon Islands Kurukuru National Team for Pioneering this initiative in the Solomon’s Island across all our Islands.

*Join the movement *Joenim muvment blong bodi

*SOL5 is Solomon Island movement for 5 minutes plus

*Sol5 hem solomon Aelan bodi muvment wea hem helpem umi fo stei helti an hapi an hem save keepim umi seif from hat disis an hem also keepim umi from ota sik where ota save cutim leg blong umi if umi garem.

*5minutes every day or start with one minute of body movement *Iumi save duim 5 minit evridei  o iumi save duim 1 minit bodi muvment

*SOL5 is Solomon Island movement for 5 minutes plus *Sol5 hem solomon Aelan bodi muvment wea hem helpem umi fo stei helti an hapi an hem save keepim umi seif from hat disis an hem also keepim umi from ota sik where ota save cutim leg blong umi if umi garem.

Join in for 5 minutes plus Every day

Muvim leg an han blo iu.

2. Pusum – PUSHING
Wakabaot an pusum han blo iu go lo frant and pulum bak.


Stretim han blo iu go up lo skae.

Sit daon an benim knee blo iu an den stanap

Reisim han blo iu up an brit in an daonim han blo iu an brit aot.
Reach your arms above your head and breathe in and out.

© Mia’s Health Pacific 5PLUS 2005


I embody the essence of a remarkable woman, traversing the Pacific region as a consultant, meticulously crafting strategic blueprints that seamlessly blend local champions with corporate and governmental alliances.

Typically, it is the esteemed Departments or Ministries of Health who extend their gracious invitations for me to lend my expertise, generously accompanied by corporate sponsorships as a testament to the value of my contributions. Above this prose, you shall find a collection of videos, illuminating my endeavors in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Samoa, and American Samoa.

A lifelong dedication to humanitarian aid courses through my veins, nurtured since my formative years, as I was privileged to accompany world leaders who ardently sought transformative policies, endeavoring to enhance our shared world.

Even at the tender age of 12, I harboured an unyielding certainty that my professional path would eventually converge with the distinguished Geneva Headquarters of the World Health Organisation—an aspiration splendidly realized in 2011.

Presently, we forge a formidable partnership, united in our unwavering resolve to Prevent and Control NCDs (commonly referred to as lifestyle diseases or Non-Communicable Diseases, encompassing afflictions such as diabetes, heart disease, and their harrowing consequences like stroke, heart attack, and amputations).

For me, the notion that no child should be bereft of their parents resounds with profound conviction. Likewise, I firmly believe that fostering the growth of our workforce, instead of depleting it, is indispensable in fortifying our employable market.

Allow me to illuminate this paradigm further: when an individual loses a limb due to unbridled diabetes, their ability to ambulate is impaired, inevitably confining them to the confines of their home.

Consequently, another family member must relinquish their productive role to attend to the needs of the impaired individual, engendering a loss of not just one, but two valuable contributors to our workforce—a grievous consequence that could have been entirely averted!

Does this surreal circumstance not strike you as profoundly perplexing? Fear not, for I possess the ultimate antidote—a comprehensive care model poised to curb and Prevent these Non-Communicable Diseases, harnessed with cutting-edge technology, underpinned by the concerted efforts of our esteemed citizens, government entities, and corporate sectors.

My commitment to this cause is unwavering, an indomitable resolve etched into the very fabric of my being.

I have meticulously devoted my entire existence to rigorous medical studies, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science, with Honors in Exercise Physiology, from the esteemed Medicine Faculty at the University of New South Wales.

Furthermore, I adorned the title of Exercise Physiologist of the Year in 2011, bestowed upon me by Exercise Sports Science Australia—a distinction that fills me with immense pride.

Together, let us resoundingly proclaim that united we stand, empowered to make a transformative difference. Admittedly, progress will not manifest overnight, for the intricacies of this multifaceted issue necessitate the meticulous implementation of my strategic care model.

Collaboration, dear comrades, shall be our guiding light, unlocking the doors to unparalleled success.

Thus, allow me to elucidate our collective modus operandi!

We commence with action—a unified effort where we engage in five safe and enjoyable movements, each and every day, for a duration exceeding five minutes.

This prescription, meticulously tailored by my hand, bestows upon us the gifts of strength, cardiovascular fitness, motivation, and internal incentives rooted in cherished familial bonds, personal well-being, exultant vitality, resilience, and faith.

Subsequently, I impart knowledge—a profound education crafted with a delicate precision, articulating complex ailments such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, and diabetes in a manner.