Welcome to an episode of WHAT is an EP, where we explore what an exercise physiologist is.

My name is Mama Mia an Exercise Physiologist from MIAS HEALTH in SYDNEY NSW AUSTRALIA. 

 I improve your health in a pool, park, gym, online and in the comfort of your own home or workplace. I use physical movement especially if you have autism or cancer to improve your health.

But… I also do a lot of other things to help our population especially in the medical field and health promotion. I love lecturing Medical students at University and presenting exercises and health education in your workplace.

Currently I am consulting for a project to prevent NCDS in the Pacific Islands because I don’t want people my age having their feet amputated because of uncontrolled diabetes. So I want to help.

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I am Mama Mia, we are EXERCISE PHYSIOOGISTS. Ill see you soon!